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Conoce a la sexy Marilyn Monroe de la guerra.

Rianna es una sexy militar de origen estadounidense y últimamente  gano mucha popularidad en redes sociales por sus fotografías donde lograba cautivar a muchos pero  su belleza  iba de la mano con su profesión y es por eso que por sus compañeros fue apodada como la Barbie de combate. Ella esta muy orgullosa con  su labor  por defender a su patria y por eso ella asocia que su misión en la vida es ser como una Marilyn Monroe en las batallas.

Mientras tanto esta chica  sigue  robándose los suspiros muchos en Instagram.

PERFECTION: noun-The condition, state, or quality of being free from all flaws or defects. Guess what? PERFECTION IS A LIE! It's a load of crap. NO one, NO thing, and NO situation on earth is (or ever will be) perfect. Perfection remains in Heaven with GOD. And all this perfection you're chasing is just energy wasted! I had to stop today and tell myself this. I always get SUPER caught up in being this perfect Marine, with a 24/7 perfect appearance (in/out of uniform,) a perfect Christian, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect daughter, etc…and when my efforts are less than perfect I start stressing, and that's when I stop right there and pray to my Heavenly Father. And he reminds me that he loves me and YOU just the way we are, and that "perfect" is an absolute impossible thing. We are all perfectly imperfect, and just waking up and being yourself is enough. I will always try my best in everything I do in life, but I will never fall victim to this race of perfectionism again…because it's honestly a dead end road. Thank you for showing me the way, Dear Lord. ❤️✝️??? Oh and btw, female Marines have the most PERFECT hair out of all the branches.??? lol #HadToSayIt #True #FemaleMarine #Sgt #CombatBarbie #Marine #Happiness #YouAreLOVED #PerfectlyImperfect #ThankYouJESUS #PraiseGOD #HeyBarracksRoom #ParrisIsland #SouthCarolina #AMERICA

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