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Las reacciones más graciosas de los perros en 2017

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Los perros son el mejor amigo de un hombre, y como muestran estas divertidísimas imágenes, también pueden proporcionar diversión sin fin.

Esta colección de imágenes de la aplicación para compartir fotos de Snapchat revela las fotografías perfectamente sincronizadas que los orgullosos propietarios han capturado de sus compañeros caninos.

En algunos casos, los dueños de mascotas han capturado las expresiones invaluables de sus animales y, a menudo, similares a las de los humanos.

Este hermoso husky necesita un abrazo de su amigo humano después de ser atrapado con esta expresión hilarante que se parece a su contemplación del significado de su existencia

This great dane took a rather dim view of being told to get off his owners favourite chair

One dog had a look of horror on is face when his owner threatened him with going to the pound if he did not stop barking 

The look of betrayal: This husky cannot believe that his human would refuse to share the last bite of dinner

One golden retriever used to be happy about being an only-dog, but the addition of two younger siblings has meant he has been pushed to the back 

This cockapoo has a haunted look in his eyes after being neutered and encases in a Velcro cone

This miniature husky clearly thinks he is the Captain of this boat as he reclines and props his elbow up on the side of the vessel

These two dogs just wouldn't give up on the tennis ball and fell asleep in a rather unfortunate position

A lot of dogs like to stick their heads out of windows but this one is blinded by his own fur as he enjoys the breeze

The cold is clearly no issue for this pup as he chills out in the winter snow looking rather similar to a loaf of bread

Dogs may not understand everything we say but this one seems to understand what was happening to him on this day

Despite his size and strength, this husky proves that dogs can be scaredy-cats sometimes

One owner's judgmental Labrador looked like she wanted to be let out of the car while her owner was driving  

This border collie takes getting to know the neighbours to a whole new level, squeezing under the gap of his fence to say hello to passers by

New mothers everywhere might be able to sympathise with this mother dog and her puppies as she has a face of thunder while her litter feed from her

This German shepherd puppy has found the ultimate position to watch TV, but ends up looking more like a marsupial in the process

One unhappy pet looks rather suspicious of why his owner has put him in the car, only to realise what he days activities are going to bring

A helpful golden retriever tries to bring his owner an inappropriate gift after covering himself in mud  

This dog manages to pull off a rather impressive photo bomb as his owner tried to take a photo of the surrounding landscape

The wind became too much for this little puppy who had an unfortunate blow dry aboard his owners speedboat 

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