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Golan Heights (Israel), 22/07/2018.- Smoke rises as Syrian rebels allegedly burn buildings they used and detonate their ammunitions before getting on the busses to leave to the northern Syrian city of Idlib from the city of Quneitra by the Syrian-Israeli borders in the Golan Heights, as seen from the Israeli side of the border, 22 July 2018. The Syrian army backed by Russian air strikes launched an offensive on the rebels-held southwestern provience of Quneitra during the same month. Rebels and the Syrian army reached an agreement that allows rebels and their family to leave to the rebels-control northern city of Idlib. According to reports, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) evacuated some 800 of the Syrian Civil Defense (Also known as the White Helmets) and their families from Quneitra to Jordan at the request of the United States and several European countries, the reports also added that the IDF is not intervening in the ongoing conflict in Syria. (Siria, Rusia, Jordania, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ATEF SAFADI


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