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French forensic doctor Philippe Charlier examines the Guano mummy with Ecuadorian technicians in a laboratory at the Cultural Heritage Institute of Ecuador in Quito on January 30, 2019. - Charlier is studying the 16th-century mummy of a friar found in the town of Guano, Ecuador in 1949. As the body was placed in a wall with a cold, dry environment, it was protected from flies and larvae, and the preserved tissues still contain traces of the rheumatoid polyarthritis that have captured the attention of Charlier, who has studied the remains of Hitler, Descartes, Robespierre and of the first discovered specimen of the Cro-Magnon man. (Photo by Rodrigo BUENDIA / AFP)


Momia de Ecuador, la clave para descifrar cómo llegó enfermedad a Europa

Un cuerpo momificado del siglo XVI hallado en Ecuador contendría la clave para trazar la historia de una enfermedad que se extendió de América a...