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CAMP ROCK 2 THE FINAL JAM - The sequel's storyline follows Mitchie, Shane, Jason, Nate and their friends as they return to Camp Rock for another great summer of music and fun. However they soon learn that a new state-of-the-art music/performance camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake and has lured away many of Camp Rock instructors and campers -- putting the future of Camp Rock in jeopardy. And when Camp Star's hotshot performer, Luke Williams, challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown to see which camp really has the stronger musical talent, everyone prepares for the ultimate battle of the bands. Meanwhile, in a classic "Romeo and Juliet" twist; Nate falls for the daughter of the owner of the rival camp, on "Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam" airing on Disney Channel. (DISNEY CHANNEL/JOHN MEDLAND) JASMINE RICHARDS, DEMI LOVATO, ALYSON STONER, MEAGHAN MARTIN

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Ex-chica Disney, admite homosexualidad con video.

Este es el video que impactó a muchos fanáticos de una ex-chica Disney.